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4 de janeiro de 2013

Novas teses adicionadas

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Para baixar outros textos e teses acadêmicas sobre arqueologia nos trópicos, acesso a nossa página de TEXTOS.

Adam Geoffrey Garson 1980 - Prehistory, Settlement and Food Production it The Savanna Region of La Calzada de Paez, Venezuela

Ana Suelly de Arruda Camara Cabral 1995 - Contact-induced language change in the western Amazon The non-genetic origin of the Kokama language

Antoinette WinkerPlins1999 - Between the floods Soils and agriculture on the lower Amazon floodplain, Brazil

Brenda Jean Bowser 2002 - The perceptive potter An ethnoarchaeological study of pottery, ethnicity, and political action in Amazonia

Charles Mansfield Hastings 1985 - The Eastern Frontier Settlement And Subsistence In The Andean Margins Of Central Peru. (Volumes I & Ii) (Ecology, Boundaries, Ethnohistory, Colonization, Cloud Forest)

Cheryl N. Ngwenyama 2007 - Material beginnings of the Saramaka Maroons An archaeological investigation

Clifford Evans 1950 - The Archaeology Of The Territory Of Amapa, Brazil (Brazilian Guiana)

Florencio German Delgado-Espinoza 2001 - Intensive agriculture and political economy of the Yaguachi chiefdom of Guayas Basin, coastal Ecuador

Geraldo Mosimann da Silva 2008 - Peanut diversity management by the Kaiabi (Tupi Guarani) indigenous people, Brazilian Amazon

John Hamilton Walker 1999 - Agricultural change in the Bolivian Amazon

John William Greer 1995 - Rock art chronology in the Orinoco basin of southwestern Venezuela

Jonathan B. Thayn 2009 - Locating Amazonian Dark Earths (ADE) in the Brazilian Amazon using satellite imagery

Lawrence Waldron 2010 - Like turtles, islands float away Emergent distinctions in the zoomorphic iconography of Saladoid ceramics of the Lesser Antilles, 250 BCE to 650 CE

Liliam Margarita Arvelo 1995 - The evolution of prehistoric complex social systems in the Quibor Valley, northern Venezuela

Linda Perry 2001 - Prehispanic subsistence in the Middle Orinoco basin Starch analyses yield new evidence

Kimberly D. Kornbacher 2010 - An evolutionary investigation of wedge tool function, form, and technology

Meredith D. Hardy 2008 - Saladoid economy and complexity on the Arawakan frontier

Nelly Arvelo-Jimenez 1971 - Political Relations In A Tribal Society A Study Of The Ye'cuana Indians Of Venezuela

Nicholas C Kawa 2011 - The social nature of agrobiodiversity in central Amazonia

Paul Alfred Colinvaux 1962 - The Environment Of The Bering Land Bridge

Rafael Angel Gasson Pacheco 1998 - Prehispanic intensive agriculture, settlement pattern and political economy in the western Venezuelan llanos

Ramon Eriberto Jader Silvestre 2000 - The ethnoarchaeology of Kalinga basketry When men weave baskets and women make pots

Renee Marie Bonzani 1995 - Seasonality, predictability, and plant use strategies at San Jacinto 1, northern Colombia

Warren Drooks Church 1996 - Prehistoric cultural development and interregional interaction in the tropical montane forests of Peru

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