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17 de dezembro de 2012

Novas teses incorporadas

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Tese de Clark Lowden Erickson 1988 - An archaeological investigation of raised agriculture in the Lake Titicaca Basin of Peru

Tese de Deborah Marie Pearsall 1979 - The application of ethnobotanical techniques to the problem of subsistence in the ecuadorian formative

Tese de Dolores Rita Piperno 1983 - The application of phytolith analysis to the reconstruction of plant subsistence and environments in prehistoric Panama (vol I e II)

Tese de Eduardo Góes Neves 1998 - Paths in dark waters Archaeology as indigenous history in the upper Rio Negro Basin, Northwest Amazon

Tese de James Anthony Zeidler 1984 - Social space in valdivia society community pattering and domestic structure at real alto, 3000 - 2000 b.c.

Tese de Lynette Caryl Norr 1991 - Nutritional consequences of prehistoric subsistence strategies in lower Central America

Tese de Michael Joseph Heckenberger 1988 - War and peace in the shadow of empire sociopolitical change in the upper Xingu of southeastern Amazonia, A.D. 1400-2000

Tese de Robert Barry Lewis 1978 - Hunter-Gatherer foraging some theoretical explorations and archaeological test

Tese de William Maxfield Denevan 1963 - The aboriginal settlement of the Llanos de Mojos A seasonally inundated savanna in northeastern Bolivia

Tese de William Timothy Whitehead 2007 - Exploring the wild and domestic Paleoethnobotany at Chiripa, a Formative Site in Bolivia

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